Happy Holidays! Where Have I Been?!

On top of all of the above, the insurance company finally approved one of the MRIs my rheumatologist ordered, but the catch is I only have until December 31st to get it done. Somewhere among the injections, saline, and even more blood work I have to do this week, I also have to fit in an MRI... Are we having fun yet?!


My Fall Playlist 2017

My Spotify playlists are forever a work in progress. I used to have one big "Favourites" playlist, but my taste in music changes all of the time, so that wasn't going to work. Cut to last summer, where I jumped on the bandwagon of categorizing playlists by months and seasons. This way I can start fresh and just add the songs I'm into at the time. So far this system is working pretty well for me. Without further ado, I give you this year's Autumn playlist!