Happy Holidays! Where Have I Been?!

Happy holidays! I’m typing this in bed on Christmas night in the pajama set my grandma gave me. Clearly she knows me well.


I kinda went MIA as far as my blog goes these past couple of weeks, haven’t I? I really didn’t expect to be so busy this month, otherwise I would’ve prepped some blog posts in advance…

My insurance company approved the knee injections at the end of November and my doctor wanted to start right away, so I’ve been travelling for those once a week. It takes about an hour and forty minutes to get to my rheumatologist’s office, so by the time I recover from those visits, I’ve gotta go back, and the cycle keeps on repeating itself. I’m told I won’t know if these lubricant shots are helping for at least 6 months. Two more injection appointments left and then after that I am doctor free for a whole week! What will I do with this freedom, you ask? Sleep, probably.

Aside from that, I have a saline bag waiting for me on Thursday, and maybe an iron infusion, too? We’re waiting on the results from my last blood test to see where my ferritin level is at. It was pretty good when we spoke to the hematologist in November, so we’ll see! I’m hoping to go to my family’s NYE party this weekend, but I can’t make a definitive decision until I get that saline bag because syncope and I got a little too close for comfort on Christmas Eve…

On top of all of the above, the insurance company finally approved one of the MRIs my rheumatologist ordered, but the catch is I only have until December 31st to get it done. Somewhere among the injections, saline, and even more blood work I have to do this week, I also have to fit in an MRI… Are we having fun yet?!

You can see why I’m stressed about feeling okay enough to make it to the NYE party this weekend.


[Image Description: A selfie of Dannie smiling inside a gold border that reads “Merry Christmas” at the bottom.]


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