Writing an Article and Nearly Fainting

Things that have happened since I last checked in with you all...


An Update, of Sorts

My blog has been a bit quiet these last few months, hasn't it? I'm usually updating you on my latest doctor appointment or sharing a story about something I did that week... To be honest, there's not much going on here.

Review: “Failsafe” by Anela Deen

There is only one rule: Never leave the settlement. Nobody remembers when human civilization fell to the living computer known as the Interspace. Trapped within its massive expanse, what remains of humanity struggles to survive. There are no maps to the outer grids, and drones patrol the network. Escape is impossible.

It’s Been a Long Week | Part 2

My dad had the day off from work, so he drove my mom and I to my POTS doctor's office down south. This would be my dad's first time meeting him and experiencing the chaos that usually occurs during his appointments. Let me tell ya, he did not disappoint.

It’s Been a Long Week | Part One

It's been a long week, guys. Let's start at the beginning, shall we? So, like I said in my last post, I don't remember much from the actual fall. After talking to family members that were there and from what I could piece together from my own memory, here's what happened...