Photo taken by Dannie’s mom. [Image Description: Dannie, smiling, with her arms folded on top of the table in an airport diner. She’s wearing a white tank top, a black backwards baseball cap, and her brown hair is in long braids.]

Hi! My name is Danielle, but, as you may be able to tell, I also go by Dannie. I’m twenty-four years old and I’ve been living with chronic illness for over a decade. Through Chronically Dannie, my goal is to share my story in the hopes that I can help others going through the same things I have. However, I am not just my medical history, so expect some unrelated topics, too, like reading and writing books. I try to post every week, but sometimes my health prevents that.

From unsupportive school systems, to getting real about what it’s like to have been sick for most of your childhood, Chronically Dannie holds nothing back. Follow along via email to ensure you’ll never miss a post!

You can contact me by filling out this form, or by sending an email directly to ChronicallyDannie@gmail.com. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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**I am not a medical professional. Before trying any of the medications, products, or procedures I mention, please clear it with your doctor(s). What works for some does not work for all. I am not responsible if something goes wrong because you ignored this advice.**

Last Updated: August 16, 2020