Blogiversary: Reflecting on Year One

Happy November 28th! Also known as the anniversary of the day I published my first blog post. That's right, folks! ChronicallyDannie is officially a one-year-old!


Thanksgiving and Gastroparesis: Revisited

Thanksgiving has come and gone, so how about a little update on my last post? We talked about how gastroparesis could potentially screw up a holiday centered around food and spending time with family. So, how did it go?

I Miss the Dark and Quiet

I find myself missing the days when my sleep schedule was completely backwards. Yes, it was annoying (and also terrifying) to have to navigate my house in the dark when I needed the bathroom or wanted a snack from the kitchen. Yes, most everyone I knew, including my immediate family, was asleep 95% of the time I was awake. Yes, it was impossible to attend family gatherings and doctor appointments that began before 6 o'clock at night. So why would I miss waking up at 5 P.M. and falling asleep at 8 A.M.?

Sometimes I’m Wrong. Sometimes.

For the first time in a while, I left a doctor's office hopeful. Not that I will one day be 100% healthy because, let's be realistic here, that will never happen and I accepted it a long time ago. However, I am hopeful that my doctor is actually trying to get to the bottom of all of the shit other specialists in the past have neglected to look into.